Naval Air #17 – Post-Deployment Blues

Fulfilling listener requests, I give a rundown of my last year on Active Duty in the Navy.

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3 thoughts on “Naval Air #17 – Post-Deployment Blues”

  1. You had requests?

    As in PLURAL?

    LOL… great episode, and yes, thank you for the closure. I rather enjoyed hearing about the trip to Nevada especially the BS with the snow tires.

    Also, completely understand your disillusionment with your post-deployment career… being in paper hell can’t be fun, at all, and I also see your point about the workload on board.

    All in all, great series, thank you for sharing, and I look forward to the upcoming episodes!

  2. Oh! I forgot to add…

    I’d like an entire followup on your summer of softball, football, and escorting the high school kids. *wink*

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